Proactive Inspections and Corrections, Quick Permitting, 
and Reduced Mobilization/Demobilization Costs.


Proactive Inspections and Corrections, Quick Permitting, and Reduced Mobilization/Demobilization Costs.



Randy Pausina has established a career of cutting red tape, sidestepping, bureaucrats and streamlining over-burdensome processes during his 25-years with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries. During that time, he interacted with the Louisiana Oil & Gas Industry many times, all with positive outcomes (Rigs to Reefs, Oyster Leases Interaction and Oyster Public Seed Cooperation...etc). Randy only has one agenda, get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Building the Team

C&R Pipeline Services has formed a unique team dedicated to providing Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Operators with a turn key, cost effective-practical way in dealing with pipelines and their regulations. Led by Randy's enthusiasm and governmental relations, a dedicated four-point vessel operator (Romeo Papa Boats, www.romeopapaboats.com) and a safety-driven commercial diving operation (Specialty Diving, www.sdive.com) can accomplish your pipeline maintenance needs.

Romeo Papa Boats

With over 35 years of offshore supply vessel operation experience, Romeo Papa leads the way in personalized service and specializes in special marine projects around the world. In Fall 2018, they will introduce a 185 foot fourpoint vessel dedicated to C&R Pipeline Services. This vessel is fully customizable to your specific equipment, cargo, or lodging needs.

Specialty Diving

For the last 30 plus years, Specialty Diving has offered clients a full-service commercial diving and underwater construction service in the Gulf of Mexico, and international waters. This safety-first operation offers a full range of services such as marine consultation, inspection, maintenance, repairs, construction, engineering, fabrication and salvage

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